To reach me, call/text (805) 909-1401 or send me an email.  

Your Life

More specifically

$100 per session (45-60 min).​

I do NOT take insurance. 

Your Health

More specifically

$100 per session (45-60 min)

$495 for a 6-weeks program.

I do NOT take insurance. 

Your Relationships

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$100 individual session (60 min)
$125 per couple  (60 min)

I do NOT take insurance. 

Your Business

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What people say about me:

Valentina gets to the point and is an effective no-nonsense communicator.


She draws from her varied experiences and finds creative solutions, inspiring stories, and motivating guidance.

She is efficient, organized, and a great strategizer. 

She walks her talk. 

She is passionate about helping and empowering people. 


She inspires everyone with a sense of possibility and helps them find their strengths. 


She has deep insights into human nature, psychology, and behavior. 


She cares!