Life Coaching

Life is a very exciting, ever-changing, and possibly the most rewarding adventure you’ll ever have. Living skillfully requires mindfulness, education, determination, and discipline. With so many moving pieces at all times, it’s no wonder we often struggle and feel confused and challenged. I’ve made it my mission to help people figure things out, move forward with their plans, and untangle themselves from the confusion of uncertainty.

I am a passionista – passionate about learning, passionate about people, passionate about exploring, passionate about life. I love the complexities and meanderings of relationships, creativity, and self-expression, breaking molds and dispensing with conventions.

I get why everyone pushes the idea of self-esteem and feeling good about yourself. People, want to feel good. But seriously, no one ever feels good all the time.  Those who chase the feeling end up drinking and driving through life inhibited by the illusion of a good time until they crash in a field somewhere nowhere with an empty bank account and ruined relationships. 

I believe in feeling good about who you can be. Despite the awful circumstances. Despite the challenges. Despite the mistakes you’ve made and the wrong turns.

Feeling good about who you can be will set you on a path of transformation and growth. 

If you choose to accept the challenge of your future self, you will live a meaningful life, waste less time, and surround yourself with the kinds of people that help you and inspire your progress.

If you can make today just a little better than yesterday, you are doing well. If you can learn one thing today you didn’t know yesterday; if you can walk a mile; if you can eat one healthy meal, apologize once, be honest with your self,  just this one little thing in the right direction, and you will be this much closer to who you CAN be! 

If I could sell you a magic pill you can take before bed and when you wake up, your life will be the ideal version of itself, would you take it? Do you really want to be your old self in your new life? How long do you think before your new life starts looking like the life you are desperately trying to leave behind?

Life is a series of games, a tournament. To win the tournament, strategize, prioritize, and play honorably.
Losing a few games does not prevent you from winning the tournament.

If you want to become who you aspire to be,
If you want to have the relationships you long for,
If you want to feel accomplished and secure,
If you want to experience the transforming power of honest conversation,
If you want to have a member on your team to challenge and support you,
Then you need to call me.

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With love, Valentina.