This is a sample of some of what I’ve published over time. I am now on Substack. You can read Life Intelligence there.  

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Petrova, V. (February 2020) Life Intelligence: Relationships. Morro Bay Life. Article
Petrova, V. (May 2019). Life Intelligence: Mothers. Morro Bay Life. Article.
Petrova, V.  (April 2019). Life Intelligence: Resumes and Eulogies. Morro Bay Life. Article
Petrova, V. (December 2014) The Future of Our Freedom -An Investigation into the Policing of America….Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.
Petrova, V (December 2014). Breaking the Rules. Oregon Humanities. Flash Non-fiction.
Petrova, V. (October 2013). Peas in a Pod. Indulge SLO Magazine. Article.
Petrova, V (August 2013). Do Something That Matters. Indulge SLO Magazine. Article. Personal copy.

From 2004 – 2012 “Yoga for Life,” a monthly column as a contributing author for The Bay News, in Morro Bay, CA. 

From 2008 – 2010 “Yoga for Life,” a  monthly TV program on Channel 2, locally, in which I interviewed different people about the benefits of yoga and offered yoga tips, sequences, and fun information.